K9 Qualifies As Paratrooper

There was only one dog that was a qualified paratrooper in 1942-1943. He was a 90 lb Boxer named Max. The parachute riggers designed a special harness for him and he was fitted with a cargo chute. Colonel Gavin in charge of the Combat Team said Paratroopers are strictly volunteered, he jumps on his own and is not to be thrown out of the airplane. Max wanted everyone to know he was made of the right stuff, full of piss and vinegar, just like the paratroopers he hung out with. Being one of the guys Max also picked up a few paratroopers bad habits. Max was becoming quite the celebrity with the newsreels and selling war bonds. He was a member of the 505th Combat Team. The 505th Combat Team set many first precedents and Max was proud to be one of them. The book, They Are Only Gone If They Are Forgotten is the only book that covers Max’s complete story.