Steven R Zaley

Years to Complete: 20 years and a lifetime of listening to stories.

Became a part of U.S. Army’s History, Army Historical & Educational Center 8/2016

Asheville Rotary Club, (30-minute presentation) 2017
Western North Carolina Writers Guild, (20-minute presentation) 2017
Asheville Gun and Pistol Club, (30-minute presentation) 2017
Hendersonville NC Historical Society, (15-minute presentation) 2017
Enka High School Asheville, N.C. (110 Students 4 – 90-minute presentations) 2017
West Hendersonville High School 

Personal Past:

Lived in Fort Lauderdale, Jupiter, Fl. Biot France, Ipanema Beach, Rio De Janeiro Brazil

Accident Incident Investigator General Dynamics

Random Mandatory Drug screening program since inception 1987

10-year background check, FBI fingerprints on file West Palm Intl and Fort Lauderdale Intl Airports


Author; “They Are Only Gone If They Are Forgotten”

Executive Producer / Consultant; The 505 Sizzle Reel, The 505 Documentary

Consultant, Movie Series; “They Are Only Gone If They Are Forgotten”

Book production contract with U.S. Army, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, NC Fort Benning, GA, PAO and Historian Provisional Parachute Group, U.S. Army Office of Heraldry, U.S. Army Signal Corp, Director of Licensing and Copyright U.S. Army.

Slated to become 82nd Airborne Division Historian for World War II Parachute Reenactment Team, Frederick, Ok.

Slated to attend WWII parachute training, World War II Parachute Demonstration Team fall 2020.

“They Are Only Gone If They Are Forgotten” is currently being reviewed by a police Department to determined if it has value to be required reading by their Officers.

Teaching the history of the 82nd Airborne Division to High Schools, Veterans Groups Civic Groups and, World War II Parachute Reenactment Team.

Western North Carolina Writers Guild; Chairman

Past Book Presentations:

N.C. (160 Students 3 – 90 minute presentations) 2017
82nd Airborne Division Association N.C. Black Mountain N.C. (20-minute presentation)
82nd Airborne Division Association, Boone, N.C. (30-minute presentation) 2017
1 1/2 hour interview with NYC Video Photo Journalist Manny Vidor 2017
Meeting with 82nd Airborne Division High Command Fort Bragg, N.C. 2017
Memorial Day Presentation; North Carolina Veterans Home Black Mountain N.C. 2017
7 radio segments Veterans Life Radio Buffalo, N.Y. 2016
The only book advertised in all 11 Welcome Centers off of N.C. interstates. 2017
82nd Airborne Division, High Command PodCast Recording, Fort Bragg, N.C. 2018
Battle of Bulge Christmas presentation, 82nd Airborne Division Asso. Charlotte N.C. 17
Battle of Bulge Christmas presentation 2017 Hendersonville Historical Society, N.C. 17
Featured in Laurel of Asheville Magazine December 2017 circulation 100,000 a month
82nd Airborne Division High Command 1 hour recorded podcast January 2018
Hendersonville Historic Society, Hendersonville N.C. Feb 2018 page 2
Enka High School, Asheville N.C. 200+ students February 2018
West Henderson High School 200+ students March 2018
Ashville High School Asheville, N.C. 25 students March 2018
Fort Benning, Ga Airborne Awards Ceremony, April 2018, 60 Veterans
82nd Airborne Division Association Kings Mountain, N.C. May 2018
Fort Bragg All American Week Veterans Group book promotion. May 2018
Brief Meeting with 82nd Airborne Division Commanding General Eric Kurilla
Hendersonville Historical Society Brief update on the book (35 people)
Magazine Article The Laurel of Asheville, June 2018 circulation 100,000 a month
North Buncombe County High School 2 hour presentation 35 students
Live Radio Interview WHKP Hendersonville, N.C. June 2018 listeners reach 11,200
T.C Roberson High School Ashville N.C. December 2018 40 Students
Veterans Hospital, Asheville N.C. 12/18/2019 15 Veterans
4 radio interviews with Senior Life Radio Buffalo NY 2/09/19 with Linda Pellegrino
West Hendersonville High School Hendersonville N.C 2019
Guest Speaker Airborne Awards Ceremony Fort Benning, GA 04/05/19
Masonic lodge Waynesville N.C. June 15, 2019
Radio Interview with Senior Life Radio Buffalo NY 04/13/19
Veteran Group Morganton NC Presentation 06/21/19
Invited Speaker 505Th Combat Team Reunion Fort Bragg 05/22/19
Invited Speaker/Guest 82nd Airborne Division National Convention Arlington Va 06/19
WWII Parachute reenactor parachuted into Ste Mere Eglise, France with two copies of “They Are Only Gone If They Are Forgotten” June 6, 2019, 75 year anniversary of the Allied invasion of France.
Brief Meeting current 82nd Airborne Division Commanding General Mengus, Arlington Va. 06/19
Fort Bragg NC 2nd Battalion 505 Panthers Reunion October 2019,
Meeting with former NBC News war correspondent Dam Molina
Professional Book reviewer Moon Mullins gives the book a 5 Star review in every category.
82nd ABN Division Harry Shaw gives the book a 5-star review in Every category.
Fort Bragg NC 2nd Battalion 505 Panthers Reunion October 2019,
Barbara Gavin Fauntleroy Accepts book Serial number 00082. 5-star review
Lake Point Landing NC 50people February 02/19/20
Radio interview Combat Radio December 2019
Asheville Gun Show January 5 / 6
Lake Point Landing Retirement community Hendersonville N.C. 02/21/20
Guest speaker Carolina Village Hendersonville N.C. 02/28/20
Asheville Gun Show March 7/8 2020
Guest Speaker 82nd Airborne Division Association Western NC 30 people 09/12/20

2021 Presentations:

Pending the lifting of CV19 restrictions, we are expecting a full calendar for 2021.
City of Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania to accept the book as part of their official history.
Spring /Summer 2021
28th Infantry Division Pennsylvania National Guard to accept the book as part of their official history. Spring /Summer 2021
Emmy winning movie directors reviewing book intention is to produce;
A sizzle reel (movie trailer) for a pitch on producing a movie series.
Documentary to be produced on the book titled The 505.
Radio interview: Buffalo Senior Life Radio Buffalo N.Y. TBD

Book & Ebook Sales:

United States, England, Belgium, Holland. France, Ireland. Italy, Germany, and Australia

Author’s Authority:

The largest most complete book about Paratroopers in World War II.

  • The author had a contract to produce the book with the U.S. Army, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Benning Ga. Historian and Provisional Parachute Group Historian.
  • The book became a part of the U.S. Army’s History, August 2016 with AHEC Army Historical And Educational Center
  • Member WNC Writers Guild
  • The son of a Paratrooper in the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division in World War II who had been involved in 4 combat operations behind enemy lines by parachute insertion (Sicily, Italy, Normandy, Holland).
  • Conducted numerous interviews with other Paratroopers and their families that served with and personally knew his father. (Not mail-in interviews.)
  • Conducted numerous interviews with others that had been involved with the 82nd Airborne in World War II (e.g. French & Dutch citizens, actress Francis Langford )
  • Personally knew and became friends with the people whose story is told in the book.
  • I was able to document the stories of many of these veterans prior to their passing over a 16 year period. The interviews were not mailed in.
  • 5 star Book Review: from book reviewers Chris Moon Mullins. Chris reviews for Pen and Sword Publishing Osprey Publishing a string of online and print Military Magazines…
  • 5 Star Book Review: Ben Powers: Historian 82nd Airborne Division; 2nd Battalion Signal Corp.
  • 5 Star Book Review: Harry Shaw Former Paratrooper 82nd Airborne Division.
  • 5 Star Book Review: Timothy McCoy Historian 82nd Airborne Division 505th Combat Team.

Proven Reach:

  • Book has been published in hardcover and e-book format-book.      
  • 82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum is offering the book for sale.
  • Airborne & Special Operations Museum Fayetteville, NC offering the book for sale
  • The only book approved to be advertised in all 11 Welcome Centers off of the interstates in North Carolina
  • Numerous requests for hard copy, in the U.S and Europe.
  • Invited speaker to various groups in the Ashville NC area and beyond
  • Invited speaker at Ft. Bragg NC – Home of the 82nd Airborne Division
  • Invited guest speaker Eye Whiteness Museum; Netherlands
  • Facebook;
  • Invited to speak at 82nd Airborne Division Association Chapters across the U. S. and museums.